Hond The Wolves
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“Considering how easy it is to start a doom band that sounds like everyone else, it’s heartening to see a local band forging their own path through the darkness” 

Nate Carson, Willamette Week 

“Their songs are like spiritual journeys, slowly evolving and discovering themselves, bleeding into each other, and ultimately coalescing into an immersive and transcendent aural experience.” 

-Brian Kim, Seattle Passive Aggressive 

“Brooding, alluring and mysterious in sonic and visual aesthetics, “If Lost in Mind” establishes the band as true instrumental wizards of metal and psych rock.” 

-Downtuned Magazine 

“The way this five piece band from Portland /OR layer the sounds and melodies, keep it all spacious and elusive, lucid and obscure at the same time, connect it with a genuine spirituality that avoids all cliché, is quite unique, highly emotional and powerful.” 

-Ulla Roschat, Metal Bandcamp

Based in Portland, OR
Founded in 2015
Genre: #psychmetal #droned 
stoner rock
Tim Burke - lapsteel, drones, soundscapes
Juan Carlos Caceres - vocals, guitar, synths, samples
Cory DeCaire - bass
Ryan McPhaill - drums
Nate Wright - synths, samples, aux percussion


Portland, Oregon’s Hound the Wolves liken themselves much to the climate that surrounds them - moody, mysterious and beautifully glum. Their creations are rooted in cyclical repetition and contrast, sonically transforming ritualistic practice into dark and gritty psych metal and droned stoner rock. Fans of Earth, Neurosis and U.S. Christmas now have a new band to enjoy.

Hound The Wolves  (22 of 27)
Hound The Wolves (22 of 27)

Hound The Wolves  (20 of 27)
Hound The Wolves (20 of 27)

Hound The Wolves  (18 of 27)
Hound The Wolves (18 of 27)

Hound The Wolves  (22 of 27)
Hound The Wolves (22 of 27)