Hound The Wolves - Camera Obscura

Release Date: February 14, 2018


Artist Info

Label: self-released

Genre: psych-metal, space rock, stoner

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

RIYL: Earth, Neurosis, U.S. Christmas



With metal manifesting itself through tons of textures and types, finding a way to attentively stay afloat in a sea of subgenres is a feat of particular approach and expertise. What started as an art project among friends has transformed into the full-blown heavy rock experience of Portland’s Hound the Wolves.


Formed in 2015, Hound the Wolves likens much of the climate that surrounds them, pulling euphonic inspiration from the mysterious and clandestine maneuvers that occur behind the shroud of darkness. Principal songwriter Juan Carlos Caceres incorporates occultism, numerology, and sacred geometry as leitmotifs common in the band’s songs, matching the perseverance of man, acceptance of societal ills and the discovery of light in darkness written as recurring lyrical themes. These elements find themselves translated sonically through droned patterns, earthy and worldly rhythmic density and meditative, cyclical repetition that make for a haunted psych-metal experience.


Camera Obscura is the first Hound the Wolves release. Though the band members have all participated in other such bands as Sioux, Mane of the Cur, A//tar, and Tigers on Opium presently and in the past, Camera Obscura marks the culmination of their collective proclivity towards heavy mantra jams and expression rooted in conceptual contrast.


“The moon gives chase, but the wolf’s howl can guide us there.”

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